Welcome to your Guild


Pittsburgh Local 38061 bargains and enforces the contract for newsroom reporters, photographers, copy editors and artists at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Our newest unit comprises full-time professors at Point Park University, who voted overwhelmingly in June 2004 to join the Pittsburgh Guild, making us the first Guild local to represent faculty at a major university.

Our two-room office suite is on the second floor of the United Steelworkers Building next door to the Post-Gazette in Downtown Pittsburgh. We have a large meeting room that is used monthly for Executive Committee meetings.

Four times a year, we hold general membership meetings in the large conference center on the first floor. We don’t have an office staff, but you can contact us by email, by mail at 60 Blvd. of the Allies, 2nd floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 or by leaving us a voice message, 412-880-4001, or fax, 412-880-4002. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Point Park adjunct faculty reach tentative contract


Point Park University and the United Steelworkers Wednesday announced that a tentative agreement for a contract has been reached between the school and its adjunct faculty after nearly 10 months of negotiations.

The contract would afford significant wage hikes and increase job security for more than 300 part-time professors at Point Park if it is ratified, according to both sides.

If approved, the contract would run through Aug. 1, 2019.

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Point Park drops legal challenge over faculty unionization effort


Post-Gazette education writer Eleanor Chute updates us on the latest from Point Park University.

More than 11 years after faculty at Point Park University voted to unionize, the university today announced it is dropping its legal challenge over whether they can form a union under the National Labor Relations Act.

After a unionization drive, faculty voted in June 2004 in favor of joining the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh/Communications Workers of America by a ratio of more than 3-to-1.

Education writer Eleanor Chute: echute@post-gazette.com or 412-263-1955.

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A tale of two union organizing drives

Photo credit: R.J. Hufnagel A Steelworkers' victory organizing adjunct faculty (pictured) at Pittsburgh's Point Park University could re-open the door for bargaining with Guild-represented full-time faculty that organized in 2004. The university has refused to recognize their union, but appears to be embracing the new USW part-time faculty unit.

Photo credit: R.J. Hufnagel
A Steelworkers’ victory organizing adjunct faculty (pictured) at Pittsburgh’s Point Park University could re-open the door for bargaining with Guild-represented full-time faculty that organized in 2004. The university has refused to recognize their union, but appears to be embracing the new USW part-time faculty unit.

As soon as the votes were counted Wednesday, officials at Pittsburgh’s Point Park University wasted no time welcoming and congratulating the new part-time faculty union organized by the United Steelworkers.

No such embrace was offered a decade ago – or since – to full-time faculty who voted to join The Newspaper Guild-CWA’s Pittsburgh local in 2004.

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2014 Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh Journalism Scholarship

The Guild has been awarding this scholarship since 1996, and to date has presented $46,000 to students preparing for careers in print journalism and related fields.  We’ve been told that students use this cash award to supplement stipends for summer internships, travel, tuition, books and electronic devices.
In addition to being a cash award to be used at the discretion of the student, what makes this scholarship unique is that it is limited to students who live or attend college in the coverage area of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Valley Independent (I’m never really sure what the name of that paper is).  It is our way of helping to support the readers who support local journalism, while helping future practitioners of a  vital profession and true public service.
This year, we are pleased to present a scholarship to our first photo journalist — Connor Mulvaney.
Connor is a graduate of Moon Area High school, where he was recognized as a scholar athlete.
Most recently, he had a photography internship at the Post-Gazette. But it wasn’t his first internship. He also served an internship with the Pittsburgh Pirates and worked as a staff photographer for Point Park University’s marketing department.
He received a First Place Mark of Excellence awards from the Society of  Professional Journalists Region 4 in 2012 for
breaking news photography, general news reporting and as a photo editor at Point Park’s The Globe when the student newspaper  when it was recognized as Best All-Around Non-Daily Student Newspaper — 2012.
He expects to graduate next spring.
IMG_3781Nicholas Buzzelli is a graduate of Upper St. Clair High School and is sports editor at Robert Morris University Sentry Media. He is resposible for generating story ideas, writing, editing and posting articles.
He formerly worked in the Post-Gazette Sports Department in the hectic and highly vital role of high school sports clerk and is president of the Society for Collegiate Journalists at RMU.
He has been a journalism student since 10th grade and currently carries a 3.9 GPA in his major.

The interns: Spring 2013.


Ever wonder who those young new faces around the newsroom belong to? Presenting … the spring interns of 2013.



Andrew Gretchko
School: University of Pittsburgh
Year, Major: Senior, English nonfiction writing and history
Hometown: Chicago
Interning for: News, business (Pipeline blog)
I’ll be at the PG: January 14 – April 19
Bio: Hailing from just outside of Chicago, I’m a diehard Bulls fan who is passionate about all things NBA. My love for sports goes further than basketball, as I played lacrosse throughout high school and enjoy football as well. From camping to hiking, I’m also an avid outdoorsman and former camp counselor in northern Ontario, Canada. Combining my passion for exploration with my love of writing, I am now pursuing a career in journalism.



Kalea Hall
School: Point Park University
Year, Major: Senior, Double majoring in Journalism and Multimedia
Hometown: Struthers, Ohio (Suburb of Youngstown, Ohio)
Interning for: Multimedia
I’ll be at the PG: Jan. 7 – April….
Bio: I love writing news, reading news and shooting video. I grew up in a small city and then came to Pittsburgh for school and now I never want to leave. I would like to stay here after graduation, but I have to go where ever my first job takes me.



Noel Um
School: Carnegie Mellon University
Year, Major: Freshman, Professional Writing
Hometown: Boston
Interning for: Features
I’ll be at the PG: Jan. 15- May 14.
Bio: When I’m not writing articles, I love to dance, watch old I Love Lucy episodes, read French literature and unearth up-and-coming fashion blogs (I’m Koo and The 21st Arrondissement are my current favorites). My dream job is working as a writer or editor for T Magazine, Vogue, V Magazine or Nylon.



Alex Zimmerman
School: University of Pittsburgh
Year, Major: Senior, Politics & Philosophy
Hometown: Philadelphia
Interning for: every section that will have me (breaking, features, mag, etc)
I’ll be at the PG: January 7 – April 8
Bio: I’ve always enjoyed writing, but the PG is my first taste of using journalism to ask the questions I think are interesting. In my spare time I play as much basketball as I can, jam with my housemates (I’m a drummer) and watch more West Wing than is probably healthy. I grew up in Philadelphia, but Pittsburgh has grown on me. … I’m still looking for a good bagel.