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How is the contract situation at the PG?
Not good. The Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh’s contract expired March 31, 2017. Since then, we’ve been negotiating with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and its highly profitable Toledo-based parent company, BCI. As of December 2018, we’re in the 22nd month of negotiations.

That sounds like a long time.
It is! BCI and its owner, Post-Gazette Publisher John Robinson Block and his twin brother, BCI Chairman Allan Block, have sicced on the Guild the pricey, union-busting Nashville, Tenn. law firm King & Ballow. Their representative at the bargaining table is firm partner Richard Lowe.

What does the Guild want?
A fair and equitable contract. The dedicated journalists who put out the news around the clock every single day for the greater Pittsburgh community have not had a raise in 13 years. Meanwhile our members have given back millions of dollars in concessions — part of the tens of millions of dollars the Blocks have received from all of the PG’S unions — as part of years-long pay cuts to help keep the Post-Gazette afloat.

To add insult to injury, the Blocks have violated federal labor law by refusing to properly fund our health insurance in 2018 despite an administrative law judge’s order to do so — and the PG has said it won’t comply with the judge’s order in 2019 either. That means our health insurance benefits, which already got worse this year thanks to the Blocks, will suffer again next year. Asked whether the company couldn’t afford the premium increase, Lowe said recently at the bargaining table that the PG “is not claiming an inability to pay.”

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“Fair Contract for a Free PG Press” – Sign the community-made petition in support of the unionized journalists at the Post-Gazette


Update: 6/11/19 We now have over 1400 supporters joining in. It’s not too late to sign to support the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh.

Update: 5/8/19 The petition is now almost 950 signatures strong! Sign today to join the fight.

Among the outpouring of community support for the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh, a set of community members have created a petition fighting for a “Fair Contract for a Free PG Press”.

Join the over 400 strong who have already filled out the petition and send a message to Block Communication that the community supports and a fair and equitable contract for the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh!

Newspaper Guild members wear black in mourning decline in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette print days


Today, Sept. 30, marks the first Monday without a print edition under the Post-Gazette’s new production schedule, with no clear vision for moving forward as a mostly digital operation.

All of us in the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh mourn the loss of print days for an award-winning newspaper and are equally concerned about the future.

To mark this sad occasion, Guild members at the PG today will be wearing black clothing and a black ribbon as reminders of what we and our community have lost.

We do this because we worry about our readers not receiving the information they need. Many are not inclined or equipped to switch to digital platforms. We worry about the effect on democracy because of that. We worry about where the Post-Gazette, and our community, go from here.

Even as the Guild has been struggling for 2 1/2 years to gain a fair contract with PG owners Block Communications Inc., what hasn’t been lost is the vigilance and professionalism of the 140 journalists of the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh.

Allegheny-Fayette Central Labor Council Labor Day Parade 2019


Post-Gazette notifies unions that it will be eliminating two additional days of print, starting in September 2019.


The Post-Gazette informed Guild president Michael Fuoco today that beginning on Sept. 30 it will eliminate two more days of print, meaning the P-G will print for home delivery only three days a week. This is yet another bad decision from a company that continues to show zero respect to employees or readers.

Coverage of the elimination of two more days of print:

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Community rally during Newspaper Guild contract negotiations


Labor unions, activists, politicians, and supporters take to North Shore Drive in support of the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh



On Friday, June 7, politicians, labor unions, activists, and supporters of all kinds rallied on N. Shore Drive in front of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette offices to demand that Block Communications negotiate a fair and equitable contract with the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh.

A huge thank you goes out to all of the organizations that showed up in support.

Pittsburghers for Public Transit
ATM 85
Battle of Homestead Foundation
Teamsters 249 and 211
American Association of African Americans Labor History
SEIU Healthcare PA
PG Mailers Local 22
Pittsburgh DSA
United Food and Commercial Workers
Keystone State
Thomas Merton Center
Pittsburgh United
Mon Valley Unemployed Committee
CWA 13,000

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