The interns: Spring 2013.


Ever wonder who those young new faces around the newsroom belong to? Presenting … the spring interns of 2013.



Andrew Gretchko
School: University of Pittsburgh
Year, Major: Senior, English nonfiction writing and history
Hometown: Chicago
Interning for: News, business (Pipeline blog)
I’ll be at the PG: January 14 – April 19
Bio: Hailing from just outside of Chicago, I’m a diehard Bulls fan who is passionate about all things NBA. My love for sports goes further than basketball, as I played lacrosse throughout high school and enjoy football as well. From camping to hiking, I’m also an avid outdoorsman and former camp counselor in northern Ontario, Canada. Combining my passion for exploration with my love of writing, I am now pursuing a career in journalism.



Kalea Hall
School: Point Park University
Year, Major: Senior, Double majoring in Journalism and Multimedia
Hometown: Struthers, Ohio (Suburb of Youngstown, Ohio)
Interning for: Multimedia
I’ll be at the PG: Jan. 7 – April….
Bio: I love writing news, reading news and shooting video. I grew up in a small city and then came to Pittsburgh for school and now I never want to leave. I would like to stay here after graduation, but I have to go where ever my first job takes me.



Noel Um
School: Carnegie Mellon University
Year, Major: Freshman, Professional Writing
Hometown: Boston
Interning for: Features
I’ll be at the PG: Jan. 15- May 14.
Bio: When I’m not writing articles, I love to dance, watch old I Love Lucy episodes, read French literature and unearth up-and-coming fashion blogs (I’m Koo and The 21st Arrondissement are my current favorites). My dream job is working as a writer or editor for T Magazine, Vogue, V Magazine or Nylon.



Alex Zimmerman
School: University of Pittsburgh
Year, Major: Senior, Politics & Philosophy
Hometown: Philadelphia
Interning for: every section that will have me (breaking, features, mag, etc)
I’ll be at the PG: January 7 – April 8
Bio: I’ve always enjoyed writing, but the PG is my first taste of using journalism to ask the questions I think are interesting. In my spare time I play as much basketball as I can, jam with my housemates (I’m a drummer) and watch more West Wing than is probably healthy. I grew up in Philadelphia, but Pittsburgh has grown on me. … I’m still looking for a good bagel.