Cupcakes and contracts at Post-Gazette


unnamedThe Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh treated its 170 members at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and their managers to a “Contract and Cupcake Day.”

All were invited to “grab a contract and a cupcake” to celebrate the printing of the hard-won contract the Guild earned in October after protracted negotiations of more than a year.

photo 1

Kelly Mills

Guild member and baker extraordinaire Kelly Mills made the 12 dozen cupcakes. She matched the icing and sprinkles with the cover of the newly printed pact.

“We are proud to bring our members a sweetened contract that includes increases in salary and benefits for the first time in nine years. We hope to build upon this in our next contract,” said President Michael A. Fuoco.

That isn’t too long in the future–the current contract expires exactly two years from “Contract and Cupcake Day.”

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