UPMC: Cease all activities with the Post-Gazette


To whom it may concern,

UPMC is a $24 billion nonprofit health-care provider that, in the spirit of supporting its Western Pennsylvania community, annually contributes $1 billion to its neighbors and organizations around the area.

In the spirit of such community support, the workers striking the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette are requesting that UPMC join them in their fight to receive affordable health care from their employer.

The striking workers ask that UPMC cease all advertising and partnership activities with the Post-Gazette for the duration of the work stoppage. If UPMC refuses, the striking unions will be forced to commence escalating actions against UPMC at several of its properties.

In October, more than 100 workers at the Post-Gazette – including journalists, production staff, advertising sales representatives, delivery drivers and others – walked off of their jobs on an unfair labor practice strike. The strike was initiated when the Post-Gazette refused to pay a $19 per week increase in health insurance costs and proposed putting the workers on a far more cost-prohibitive plan. When the workers rightfully refused to accept the company’s demands, they were left without any health insurance.

Despite multiple attempts by the unions to come to a resolution on the health insurance matter, the Post-Gazette has refused to move even slightly from its position. This comes on the back of years of union-busting efforts by Post-Gazette management that have had a deleterious impact on the quality of the news organization.  

The striking workers believe UPMC has a moral imperative to cease any association with the Post-Gazette while management continues to deny a large swath of its workers access to quality, affordable health care in accordance with their employment.

The striking workers also believe that UPMC has the influence with its status as the largest nongovernmental employer in Pennsylvania to insist that Post-Gazette management settle its labor dispute in a fashion that is equitable for all involved.

We sincerely hope UPMC chooses to do so.


Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh

U.S. Rep. Summer Lee

U.S. Rep. Chris Deluzio

Darrin Kelly, president, Allegheny-Fayette Labor Council

Erin McClelland, Candidate for Allegheny County Executive

Dan Grzybek, Candidate for Allegheny County Council Dist. 5

Darwin Leuba, Candidate for Allegheny County Controller

AFGE Local 1916

Pittsburgh Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)

Pittsburgh Labour Council for Latin America Advancement (LCLAA)

Bob Abraham

Alyssa Brown

Heather Chirdon

Antonia Domingo

Katie Foran-McHale

Theron Gilliland, Jr.

Joseph Goldstein

Kyle Gracey

Dan Grzybek

Tom Hoffman

Georgann Jenkins

Hannah Kinney-Kobre

John Lepley

Zak Kerr

Paula Majersky

Tyler McAndrew

April McCann

Joyce Moore

Marilyn Patete

Justin Pearl

Nathan Ruggles

April Siese

Lorraine Starsky

Rosemary Trump

James “Hutchie” VanLandingham

Jay Walker