Thank you!


A thank you video from the Post-Gazette and The Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh.

A month ago, a man walked into the Tree of Life synagogue and began
shooting. He took 11 precious lives and left Pittsburgh reeling.

Pittsburgh is a small city, so the reporters, editors,
photojournalists and paginators here at the Post-Gazette felt deep
pain while covering this international story. Our colleagues at
several news organizations stepped forward to support us during this difficult time, and we are deeply appreciative.

The video was produced by Guild member and photojournalist Steve Mellon.




The Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh sends thanks to the South Florida Sun Sentinel


Thank you, from the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh


The Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh thanks with utmost gratitude former PG staffer Jane Elizabeth and her staff at the Raleigh (NC) News & Observer and The Herald-Sun, and the Toledo Newspaper Guild and its president, Nolan Rosenkrans, for their thoughtful donations to our staff of lunch and dinner on Sunday and Monday.

In the midst of our dedicated members’ round-the-clock work covering the atrocity visited Saturday upon the Tree of Life synagogue, the gift of food arrived in our newsroom as a balm for both stomachs and souls. We salute our colleagues in Raleigh and Toledo for carrying us in their hearts, showing a generosity of spirit and reminding us that we all stand together.

Jonathan D. Silver
Unit Chairman
Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh

Administrative Law Judges Sustains the Unfair Labor Practice Charge that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Violated Federal Law


An administrative law judge ruled Tuesday that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette violated federal law
by not paying a 5% increase in the 2018 health care premium for 400 unionized employees at the

In a 38-page ruling, Administrative Law Judge David I. Goldman ordered the
company to pay the premium increase and to reimburse those adversely affected by the
company’s improper decision. The Company has the right to appeal.

“We hope the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette will do the right thing and pay what it is legally required
by federal law and morally required as an employer,” said Michael A. Fuoco, Newspaper Guild
president. “We’ll just have to wait and see if they follow the law and have a moral compass.”
The Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh, which represents 150 newsroom employees at the PG,
initially filed the Unfair Labor Practice in January, charging that the PG and its owner, Block
Communications, Inc. of Toledo, Ohio, violated federal law by unilaterally deciding not to pay
an increase in health care during collective bargaining for a new contract. Other unions,
representing another 250 members representing the Teamsters, operating engineers, pressmen,
mailers, advertising and finance, joined in the ULP filing. All of the unions have been involved
in bargaining with BCI for 20 months over contracts that expired March 31, 2017.

Companies involved in bargaining are required by federal law to “continue the status quo in the
terms and conditions of employment while the parties negotiate for a new labor agreement,”
according to Judge Goldman’s decision. The PG’s unilateral refusal to pay the 5 percent
premium increase resulted in diminished health-care benefits for the 400 union members as of
April 1.

In response to the Unfair Labor Practice charge, the National Labor Relations Board regional
director of the Pittsburgh office ruled in the unions’ favor. BCI, under advice of union-busting
Nashville, Tenn., law firm King & Ballow, which is in charge of its negotiations with the unions,
advised the company to appeal. That resulted in a hearing before Judge Goldman on Aug. 21
which led to his decision.

Michael A. Fuoco
President, Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh

Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh statement on Rob Rogers


The members of the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh were saddened today to learn from a tweet by Rob Rogers that he had been fired as the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial cartoonist. There is much we still do not know. Given the recent killing of a number of Rob’s cartoons critical of President Trump and conservative positions, favorites of the publisher and the editorial director, it perhaps is not surprising that this sad day for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Pittsburgh community and journalism has arrived.

A Pulitzer Prize finalist and recipient of numerous national awards, Rob worked with verve and aplomb at both the Pittsburgh Press and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. He is a true talent we were honored to know as a colleague and friend. He deserved much better treatment. It appears Rob’s only transgression was doing his job—providing satirical comment based on his political views of the world. There never was a problem before but with the new order of the Post-Gazette editorial pages, it seems that those who do not follow the pro-Trump, pro-conservative orthodoxy of the publisher and editorial director are of no use.

The public should be assured that PG newsroom employees–150 reporters, photographers, copy editors, artists and others represented by the Guild–will continue to produce award-winning, unbiased journalism. Democracy depends upon it. As we do so, we mourn the fact that the PG editorial pages apparently are no longer the free marketplace of ideas.

2018 Guild Scholarship Luncheon

group photo

From left to right: Josh Croup, scholarship winner; Allison Schubert, guest; Tim Grant, PG staff writer; Janine Faust, guest; Ed Blazina, PG staff writer; Amanda Reed, scholarship winner; Nicole Pampena, scholarship winner; Daniel Moore, PG staff writer; Dan Gigler, PG staff writer; Alyssa Brown, PG copy editor/paginator; and Courtney Linder, PG staff writer.

Since 1996, the Guild has awarded more than $64,000 to 46 college students who plan to pursue careers in journalism who either live in the Pittsburgh area or attend a college or university within the coverage area of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The money can be used to pay tuition, purchase books and electronics or to help defray the expense of participating in an unpaid internship.

This year, the Guild awarded three $1,000 scholarships to:


From left to right: Scholarship winners Josh Croup, Nicole Pampena and Amanda Reed.

-Amanda Reed, a senior at the University of Pittsburgh studying nonfiction writing and communications, who hopes to work for a magazine one day

-Nicole Pampena, a junior studying journalism at Point Park University with an affinity for broadcast

-Josh Croup, a senior broadcast reporting major at Point Park University who hopes to work as a local news or sports reporter

In early April, Guild leadership and members of the scholarship committee attended a luncheon with the winners at The Foundry on the North Shore to celebrate.

The funding for each scholarship is raised through “Off the Record” a satirical production of the Newspaper Guild, the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Radio and Television Artists.  In addition to supporting the scholarship, the primary beneficiary of this effort is the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.

The winners are chosen by a volunteer committee of Guild members who score entries based on academic achievement, quality of journalism in the writing samples submitted, letters of recommendation and a personal essay.


From left to right: Allison Schubert, guest; Josh Croup, scholarship recipient; Nicole Pampena, scholarship recipient; Amanda Reed, scholarship recipient; and Janine Faust, guest.

Judges this year were Post-Gazette staff writers Courtney Linder, Daniel Moore and Tim Grant.

The scholarship is named for Sally Kalson, a late colleague, friend and Guild leader who sadly passed away.

A reporter for the Post-Gazette for more than 30 years, Sally was an award-winning Post-Gazette columnist and a longtime Guild officer and negotiator who wrote for the PG and worked for the Guild the way she lived life — with grace, humility, and a commitment to social and economic justice, civil rights, women’s rights, and human rights.