Wearing blue in support of contract negotiations


Today is another round of contract negotiations with the Post-Gazette and King & Ballow. Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh members are wearing blue and their guild buttons in support of the negotiating committee and our members who have dealt with two straight years of illegal cuts to our health care and 4887 days since our last raise. #noPGwithoutMe #FairContractNow

Leafleting the North Shore | May 8, 2019


Over two years without a contract. 13 years since our last raise. 8-10% cuts to our pay vs our 2006 wages. Two years in a row of illegal cuts to our health care.

Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh members leafleted outside of the Post-Gazette’s North Shore office and PNC Park to spread the word that’s it’s time for a fair contract!

“Fair Contract for a Free PG Press” – Sign the community-made petition in support of the unionized journalists at the Post-Gazette


Update: 6/11/19 We now have over 1400 supporters joining in. It’s not too late to sign to support the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh.

Update: 5/8/19 The petition is now almost 950 signatures strong! Sign today to join the fight.

Among the outpouring of community support for the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh, a set of community members have created a Change.org petition fighting for a “Fair Contract for a Free PG Press”.

Join the over 400 strong who have already filled out the petition and send a message to Block Communication that the community supports and a fair and equitable contract for the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh!

Community support for the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh


On Monday, March 25, dozens of grassroots, community organizers rallied outside of the Post-Gazette offices on North Shore Dr. in support of a getting a fair contract for the over 150 workers of the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh.

Read WESA’s coverage of the rally: ‘Shame On The Blocks’: Protesters Condemn Post-Gazette Publisher’s Treatment Of Employees

This followed a smaller rally on March 8, from union supporters around the area.

The same community organized group also put together a Change.org petition in support of a fair contract for the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh. Sign on today to support the fight!

Fair Contract for a Free PG Press

On the ground: Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh members leaflet outside of a Post-Gazette sponsored health care forum


See the Guild press release:


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Post-Gazette newsroom employees leaflet for second straight week in protest of illegally slashes health-care benefits, 13 years without a raise


For the second consecutive week, members of the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh—all of them newsroom employees at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette–distributed leaflets today, protesting 13 years without a raise and two straight years during which the company has defied federal law by refusing to pay health-care premium increases.

Guild members distributed leaflets outside of a Post-Gazette-sponsored “Health Forum” at the Champions Club in Heinz Field. The free forum was promoted as examining why a country of great wealth nonetheless has “great disparities in the health of our citizens and in access to health resources.” More info on the health-care forum can be found here:

In October, an administrative law judge agreed with the regional director of the National Labor Relations Board that the Post-Gazette violated federal law by not paying a 5% increase in the 2018 health care premium for 400 unionized employees at the newspaper. The judge ordered the company to pay the premium increase and to reimburse those adversely affected by the company’s improper decision.

Instead, the PG appealed the ruling to the full NLRB in Washington, D.C. Additionally, it told the unions it will not pay another 5 percent increase set for 2019. Another NLRB Unfair Labor Practice will be filed against the company, said Michael A. Fuoco, a PG enterprise reporter and president of the 150-member Newspaper Guild.

“We find it incredibly hypocritical that the Post-Gazette would sponsor a forum on health-care disparities when it has chosen to illegally slash the health-care benefits of about 400 members of the Guild and other PG unions,” Fuoco said. “The Post-Gazette has unilaterally created a health-care disparity for its workers in defiance of the rule of law.”

The reporters, photographers, copy editors and other newsroom employees who leafleted were also protesting a long-standing 8 percent cut in wages, 13 years without a raise, and working without a contract for 22 months with no end in sight. The PG has hired a union-busting law firm from Nashville to handle its negotiations..

“It’s time Block Communications Inc. Chairman Allan Block and his twin brother, PG Publisher John Robinson Block, start acting as ethical stewards of a 232-year-old newspaper and treat quality journalists with dignity, fairness and respect,” said Fuoco, a 34-year PG employee. “To deny us raises for 13 years and to cause our health-care benefits to be cut two years in a row is unconscionable.

“Our fight for economic justice will not end until the Blocks face the reality we are not going away until we get what we deserve–a fair and equitable contract.”

Last week, Guild members leafleted outside the Omni William Penn Hotel before Publisher John Robinson Block addressed a noon Rotary luncheon inside.

The Guild, and other unions at the Post-Gazette, have been separately negotiating for new individual contracts since the last ones expired in March 2017.