Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Newsroom Scab List


While this may be an incomplete list as the Post-Gazette has continued hiring fresh scabs during the strike, below is a list of workers who have crossed the picket line and continued to work during the 2022-23 unfair labor practice strike against the Post-Gazette.

These workers can choose to not be strikebreakers at anytime and join the picket line, they’d be welcome with open arms. Until they make that decision, they are profiting while their colleagues are fighting for a say in their workplace.

Maddie Aiken
Jordan Anderson
Joshua Axelrod
Brian Batko
Mark Belko
Adam Bittner
Steve Bohnel
Ben Braun
Sarah Carracher
Chris Carter
Eugene Collier
Ronald Cook
Janice Crompton
Andrew Destin
Gerard Dulac
Isaac Elster
Ray Fittipaldo
Kevin Flowers
Timothy Grant
Megan Guza
Neena Hagen
John Hayes
Noah Hiles
Natalie Hill
James Hilston
Cameron Hoover
Willa Kindle
Kevin Kirkland
Hal B. Klein
Michael Korsh
Hallie Lauer
Anya Litvak
Abby Mackey
Jason Mackey
Kris Mamula
Ashley Marchetti
Samara McCallum
Gretchen McKay
Jim Mendenhall
Scott Mervis
Kevin Murphy
Jeremy Reynolds
Mackenzie Rodrigues
Alyson Rodriguez
Ron Rubinkowski
Jacob Ruffo
Lucy Schaly
Abby Schnable
Laura Schneiderman
Patricia Sheridan
Adam Smeltz
Anya Sostek
Joe Starkey
Mary Ann Thomas
Megan Tomasic
Ford Turner
Matt Vensel
Hanna Webster
Michael White
Ed Yozwick
Paul Zeise
Stephen Ziants