Your guild officers


The local is governed by a 14-member Executive Board composed of six officers elected by the entire membership and four officers elected by each of the two units — Post-Gazette and Point Park.


President: Lacretia Wimbley

1st Vice President: Ed Blazina

2nd Vice President: Melissa Tkach

3rd Vice President: Lauren Rosenblatt

Treasurer: Patti Sabatini

Secretary: Andrew Goldstein

Post-Gazette unit delegates: Jonathan Silver, chair; Ashley Murray, secretary; Dan Gigler, treasurer, and Zack Tanner delegate.

Post-Gazette two-year associate rep: Vacant

Point Park unit delegates: J. Dwight Hines, chair; Barbara Barrow, secretary; William Breslove, treasurer, and Ben Schonberger, delegate.

Have a question about the Guild, contract or our workplace?
Feel free to contact any member of the executive committee listed above.

Human rights and equity

On the local and the international levels, the Guild is committed to human rights and equality in our workplaces and in our union.

For more information about the The Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh’s human rights and equity committee activities, please e-mail

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