Thank you notes from Barb



I am not very good with words even though I worked for a newspaper, but I hope I can get my feelings across to you.

All of you are very special.

When I lost my first family over the years, your guys became my second one and I couldn’t have chosen better.

I won’t miss the PG, although at one time it was the best place to work in Pgh., for a lost of reason, but I will miss all of you that make up the PG.

It always felt like family here. When someone had hard times or a problem there was always someone to step up and offer help just like Darrell, John Butler and Melissa did for me two Fridays ago. And all of your coming back to say good-bye and give me a hug just put the icing on the cake [no pun intended].

It made me feel very special and I thank you for that.

I also want to thank you for the front page and the gift.

I wish you all the best in the future. You all deserve it!

There are also 4 special people that deserve a big thank you for all their help during the years – Linda Parker, Deb Sacco, David Shribman and in absentia, John Craig.

Love you one and all!



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