A Thank You from Zapadka!


Dear Mike, Jon and members of the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh —

THANK YOU so much for the excellent care package of tasty cookies I received from you! What a wonderful and yummy surprise! I, of course, dove right into the peanut butter with chocolate chips. They warmed me up and made me smile right away.

This gift is another example of why I miss all of you so much and why it’s always been so wonderful to work with all of you.

I am continuing to rebound from my battle with cellulitis in my lower right leg. It certainly looks much better than it did at Thanksgiving. To be honest with you — and some of you already know this from my Facebook ranting (hey, I’m bored!), this PICC line (a sort of catheter than delivers medication) in my right arm actually is a major pain in the butt. A major pain!!

I have a doctor’s appointment Monday morning. Wish me luck! I am scheduled to return Dec. 23 if all is well.

Again, many thanks for your wonderful kindness! I can’t imagine how empty my life would be without you!!

All the best always,

Pete Zapadka
Web Editor
My astronomy tweets: twitter.com/pzapadka
“Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light . . . I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”

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