Guild Pirates game outing!


photo (7)

The Guild’s inaugural tailgate and Pirates game on Sunday, Aug. 18. was a smashing success (if only there was more “smashing” by the Bucs!). We certainly got our money’s worth–16 innings!
For those of you who were there, you know the food, soft drinks, beer selection and service were beyond compare, all thanks to Dan Gigler and a wonderful caterer.
And the process of getting the tickets and getting them distributed–an effort akin to herding cats–was done with aplomb by Ed Blazina.
And it goes without saying the socializing with co-workers and their spouses/friends was wonderful.
So thanks to all of you who made it. And for those of you who didn’t, there’s always next year as this will now be a tradition of our local. Next year, we’ll order tickets early on and we’ll be able to get a section all to ourselves. And maybe we’ll even get commemorative T-shirts for everyone.
Check Facebook for more pictures!


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