Guild members wear red to show solidarity


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Call it crimson, incarnadine, maroon, ruby, rust or scarlet.
Whatever the name, it all boils down to red, as in Red Thursday (NOT to be confused with the Red Wedding, for Game of Thrones fans!).
In keeping with our unifying, color-coded theme to show solidarity, Guild members wore various shades of red today. There were red shirts, pants, sweaters — and even a pair of red-and-black shoes and red laces sported by one blessed J. Monroe Butler II.
Colors sprouted throughout the newsroom, even as the Guild marked Day 2.756 without a raise.
Oh in the newsroom from a manager (paraphrased): What, is everyone wearing red today as a sign of solidarity?
Answer: YES!!!
Incidentally, our new poster went up today, so please be sure to check out how much more toilet paper costs you compared to the price in 2006, when you had 12 percent more spondoolies in your pocket.
Stay tuned to the underground for word on next week’s color.
(Click here to see more pictures of Guild members in RED!)