TNG – Welcoming address by Michael Fuoco, Pittsburgh local President

Pittsburgh local President Michael A. Fuoco delivered a welcoming address to the delegates at the conference, which we hosted:
On behalf of the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh, I heartily welcome you to to the Newspaper Guild Conference and the City of Pittsburgh.
It is perhaps fitting in these days of labor strife and the attack on the middle class that this year’s conference is being held here, the birthplace of unionism.
Here, we can’t help but be inspired by the spirit and determination of bygone steel workers and coal miners who helped build a nation while fighting for fairness and dignity in the workplace.
As media workers, we continue that fight in defense of quality journalism, democracy and workers’ rights.
I’m confident we will succeed in this battle against the greed of media owners. Meanwhile, Carnegie and Frick save them spots in that special place in hell they now reside.
So, as we set about to do our work I hope you also take time to experience our beautiful city.
I hope you have all received our local’s gift bag and for baseball fans, our member Dan Majors will be in the lobby with tickets.  You’ll be able to see the best ballpark in the country and best team in the baseball–OK, it’s the Atlanta Braves but still…
So, speaking for the Pittsburgh Guild I use a Pittsburgh idiom to say that anything yinz guys need to make your stay more enjoyable, please let us know. We’re honored to be your host.
See photos from the conference at our Facebook page.