Honoring Guild members who have passed


Resolutions honoring Guild members who passed away since the last TNG sector conference two years ago were approved during the most recent conference this past weekend. Among those honored was former Pittsburgh Newspaper Guild President Ed Bell.

The following resolution, honoring the Roger Ebert, is particularly poignant–given his fame, talent and fortune his love and dedication to the Newspaper Guild was unwavering. Give it a read:

In Memoriam-Roger Ebert

On April 4, the world lost a journalistic icon and The Newspaper Guild lost a beloved member who was true to the union no matter how much fame and success he enjoyed.

Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic Roger Ebert lost his long battle with cancer at age 70. He had worked at the Chicago Sun Times for 46 years, and for all of those years he was a member of the Chicago Newspaper Guild.

We know even in his later years that he still cared about us and our cause. In 2004, during difficult contract talks at the Sun-Times, Roger wrote this to Publisher John Cruickshank: “It was be with a heavy heart that I would go on strike against my beloved Sun-Times, but strike I will if a strike is called…I have been a Guild member since 1967 and I will stand with my fellow Guild members if this comes to a crisis.”

The Chicago Newspaper Guild honored Roger on its website, say he “epitomized what The Newspaper Guild stand for–the highest caliber of journalistic integrity and better working conditions for all journalists.  In addition to being one of the greatest movie critics ever, he was also an active member of the Chicago Newspaper Guild who championed our cause. He will be sorely missed.”

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