Thank you note from Pohla Smith.


Pohla Smith thank you card

From health writer and guild member Pohla Smith as she continues in her recovery:

“Fellow newspaper members,
Happy holidays and thank you so much for the Visa gift card. I need new tie shoes and slippers and I’m going to buy both with your gift!
I’m still working at the hospital and at home to improve my words and my walking so that I can come back to work soon. I’m getting better.
Call me at 412 897-8415 or come visit at 447 S. Braddock Avenue in Park Place, Pittsburgh.
Pohla Smith”

2 thoughts on “Thank you note from Pohla Smith.

  1. Pohla:

    I did not realize what a terrible accident you had and how you have experienced great trial.

    I am truly sorry for this situation, but at the same time I realized how the Lord our God allowed you to survive this accident. Have you asked why?

    I know you well enough to remember what a spunky gal you have always been. And I can see the hard work, and determination you have possessed in order to improve your situation..

    As a reminder, our Lord God is the one and only who has allowed you to have such characteristics and abilities.You are one special person whom He has allowed to survive a freak accident. He is the one who has given these abilities to purservere.

    He loves you Pohla and he loves your husband, I hope and pray that you will seek Him , every day and to place Him first in your lives.. This will give you abundance of joy and a long life with greater promise.

    I encourage you to love Him back. He has done so much for all of us. And loving him back simply means to honor his commandments and follow His way.

    Our Lord God has given you a chance and we can only give him all the glory!!!

    May He continue to bless you, pull you and your husband closer to Him. And I will continue to pray for continued healing, hope, happiness and provision of all your needs..

    God Bless Pohla,

    Cousin Sheila (Smith) Bishop
    Oklahoma Kid

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