Welcome to your guild.


Pittsburgh Local 38061 bargains and enforces contracts for newsroom reporters, photographers, copy editors and artists at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and newsroom, advertising, circulation and maintenance employees at The Valley Independent in Monessen. Our newest unit comprises full-time professors at Point Park University, who voted overwhelmingly in June 2004 to join the Pittsburgh Guild, making us the first Guild local to represent faculty at a major university.

Our two-room office suite is on the second floor of the United Steelworkers Building next door to the Post-Gazette in Downtown Pittsburgh. We have a large meeting room that is used monthly for Executive Committee meetings.

Four times a year, we hold general membership meetings in the large conference center on the first floor. We don’t have an office staff, but you can contact us by email, by mail at 60 Blvd. of the Allies, 2nd floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 or by leaving us a voice message, 412-880-4001, or fax, 412-880-4002. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.